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FORESIGHT: Advanced cyber security simulation platform for preparedness training in aviation, power grid and naval environments.


Security Risk Awareness (2016)

Despite the availability of security tools, devices are still vulnerable to compromise via the risky security behaviour of end-users. Risky behaviour is not necessarily obvious to all end-users, and can be difficult to recognise. Lynsay is interested in the human aspects of cyber security, investigating how to effectively communicate security information to average end-users.

Lynsay’s PhD research explored the fields of affective computing and usable security. The project investigated the use of a browser extension to monitor and automatically detect risky security behaviour. On detection of such behaviour, affective feedback was delivered to the end-user. The work analysed the impact of the feedback in relation to end-user security awareness.

Scotland’s Water Map (2015)

Scotland’s Water Map project was developed for the Scottish Government. The project features an interactive 2D and 3D web application which maps the key water sector companies within the Scottish water industry. Towards the end of the project, Lynsay was hired as a web developer to put the finishing touches on the site.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, three.js


International Health Battle & iAge Europe (2013)

International Health Battle and iAge Europe (Interreg Europe Project): Lynsay was recruited as a team security expert in the International Health Battle and the iAge Project (Interreg Europe Project) Meetings, Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands, November 2013. It involved working on an eHealth case with a multidisciplinary team, forming a solution and presenting a pitch.

Determining Identity on Mobile Phones Using Keystroke Analysis (2011)

The work “Determining Identity on Mobile Phones Using Keystroke Analysis” was Lynsay’s MSc research project. It established that users can generate a unique keystroke signature on a mobile phone, and could potentially provide an additional layer of security in an m-commerce environment.

Technologies used: Java ME (J2ME), Coldfusion, MySQL.

msc keystroke graph
Screenshot of application

Online Psychology Test Platform (2010)

The Online Psychology Test System was a joint project with the University of Dundee and Stanford University. Lynsay and a colleague were hired by Dr Madeleine Keehner at the University of Dundee to digitise existing psychology tests, producing a web application for use in a research project at Stanford University.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

psychology test system image

Wiimote Interactive Gallery (2009)

As part of my Honours Project, I conducted a usability study of a low-cost Wiimote Whiteboard. The project uses a Nintendo Wii Remote and an LED pen, allowing the user to interact with the computer/laptop, via software developed by Johnny Chung Lee ( who pioneered the concept).

In this HCI-based project, I developed an interactive photo gallery, and asked users to complete a series of tasks within it.

Technologies used: VB.NET


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